Programming Classes in Hamburg and Munich

Learn how to code

We are all beginners. Start every month and learn a new language. Go, Python or JavaScript

Our current Classes in Munich

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Introduction to Machine Learning

Wednesdays & Thursday

start 14.06.2018

18:30-20:30 Uhr

Our current Classes in Hamburg

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Web Development: HTML & CSS

Friday & Saturday


16:00 - 20:00 & 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr

Python for Beginners


start 14.06.2018

18:30-20:30 Uhr

Python continued



18:30-20:30 Uhr

für Abiturientinnen!

3 Tage Intensiv


10:00-17:00 Uhr

Who should attend?

Students, Project Managers, Designers, Marketing Managers, Founders, Team Leads

What do I need to bring?

Only your computer

Where do the classes take place?

At a central location in Hamburg either Rödingsmarkt or Gänsemarkt

Are the classes taught in English?

The Android class with Natalia is currently taught in English. All other classes in German. We all speak English and German and are flexible to switch back and forth between languages. We are looking forward to an international crowd!