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We also organize lectures, workshops or similar events on various topics for various target groups. We want to enable you to network with the development community in your city, currently in Hamburg and Munich. In addition, we want to ensure that all our members are always up to date and always learn about new techniques, methods or tools at the very beginning. These events should on the one hand connect you among each other, but also offer you the opportunity to get to know companies and thus potential employers, or to draw their attention to you. is the online platform we use for this purpose.

Our next Online Meetup July 21th 6:30pm: Open-source data tools for health care and climate science solutions

Our next remote Meetup will be about Data Science and how to use Open Source Data Tools to create solutions for health care and climate science. We are hosting this Meetup together with Hamburg's PyData Meetup.


▶ Rachel Shalom ( Data Scientist Owlytics healthcare) Rachel is a data scientist at Owlytics healthcare from Tel Aviv, where she works on various tasks to make life better for the elderly using the data coming from their smart watches. She has a B.Sc. in Mathematics, an MBA, and has graduated Cum Lauda from the Machine Learning program at Yandex school of data science. In her free time you'll likely find her getting her cardio in at the gym, or exploring foreign languages.

▶ Aaron Spring (PhD candidate, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology) Aaron is a PhD candidate in the ocean biogeochemistry research group at the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg.


- Virtual drinks and mingling (please bring your own drinks!)

- Welcome from moinworld & PyData

- Talk 1: “Fall detection in the elderly using Smartwatch Sensor Data” by Rachel Shalom

According to the World Health Organisation, falls are the second leading cause of accidental or unintentional injury deaths worldwide. In this talk Rachel will share insights on working with smart watch sensor data, and explain the approaches Owlytics took for detecting falls using classic ML and deep learning methods.

- Talk2: “Python for Big Data in Climate Science” by Aaron Spring

Climate scientists analyze massive amounts of data to understand the earth system - around 30PB for the upcoming IPCC report. Frameworks such as xarray and dask extend numpy to handle these larger-than-memory data challenges. Aaron demonstrates a workflow from the viewpoint of a climate scientist and invites you to play around with publicly available climate data.

- Discussion & networking & open end

👋 Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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