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moinworld e.V.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create a developer community where women and girls have the same opportunities to shape our digital future as men have. We do this by empowering women. By teaching them the necessary skills and letting them thrive in a supportive community. Develop your coding skills whether you are a complete beginner or developer in one of our coding school classes or retreats. Get inspired by and for entrepreneurship and updated on the latest technology trends or just meet the community in one of our meetups. We have tons of resources to help you in your career and a network of people that can be your mentors on your way. Get more insights about us on our Instagram

Our Team

Anja Schumann

Vorstand, Gründerin

Kathi Maier

Code School

Camila Kuhn

Mentoring Program

Senta Terner


Personalities who engage in our activities

Our supporters

Chiara Schill


Sarah Werner


Louisa Langholf

Mentoring Programm

Josefine Kuka

Codeschool Data Science

Katharina Schreiber

Codeschool Web Development

Hans Freyer

Codeschool Web Development

Dafni Krioneriti

Codeschool Data Science

Sophie Nisani

Codeschool Data Science

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Codeschool Data Science

A plattform for those who want to make a change

And you?

Become a member of moinworld, get involved as a course instructor or mentor or help us in public relations and organization. Contact us at moin@moinworld.de

Who we are

We are a non-profit organization that wants to change the face of the IT industry to make it more attractive to those who bring a different perspective.

What we do

We organize workshops and talks. Together we break barriers and stereotypes. Check out our blog for more.

For you, we are there

You want to learn more about tech or want to build stuff in a different environment than the normal tech groups? Join us. If you want to get to know us, just come to our free Meetups.

Our Values


We lift each other up. We are helpful to each other and we prove that others can depend on us. We understand and advance the group’s positive goals. We take responsibility for the society that we live in.


We know that talent is another word for passion, hard work, perseverance and showing up. As a developer, you will always face problems where it seems that you are stuck and where you are frustrated. You have to keep going and find your way to solve it.


We have a commitment to being the best and/or delivering the best. We set and achieve ambitious goals. With acting in our best intentions we make mistakes and learn from them. We value responding to change over following a plan.