Women in Tech - a Short Film Series

We decided to make a movie series. An important movie series. A series about women in tech. How did they get to where they are now? And why is it so hard to inspire women to get into tech and how do we change that? Start screening Oct 25th 2017 at the moinworld Youtube Channel >>

Women are suddenly a minority when it comes to tech. While technology is shaping all of our lives. Algorithms define the answers that we see when we are searching for something online. They even map the human genome or decide which news we get to see on our social channels. We do not know those algorithms but they know us. An algorithm is a recipe for doing tasks. Those recipes are created for users, that’s why the human part is so important. Communicating, empathy and solving problems have always been women's strength.

The first programmer was a woman – Ada Lovelace. She created the first algorithms that would today be known as a computer program. Grace Hopper was the one who invented the compiler, a translation program for computer languages that made software development easier.

Those two women are just two examples of the women who shaped computer science. And we do not have to look far. We want to present to you a few of the women that are shaping todays digital products here in Germany right now. They show you that if you are interested in solving logical puzzles there are also other options besides studying medicine, pharmacy or marketing for example. Or maybe the knowledge about software development would be a great addition to all of these fields. We would like to inspire you with this series and show you what different kinds of options you have in shaping our and your future in which the female point ofview is truly integrated.

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Contact us at moin@moinworld.de to be part. More movies to come!