4 x 2 h Thursdays


max. 9 Students

Beginner Level Class

The Beginning

You want to get an easy entry into programming languages? This is your start. Python is an easy to learn general purpose programming languages that is also useful if you want to handle big data or work with machine learning later.

What you will learn

We will learn the basic data types, control structures, classes, functions & basics of object orientation. Based on this, an advanced course takes place, in which you write your first “real” Python - App at the end.

What you will get

  • Interaktive training Python
  • An understanding of how programming languages work
  • An introduction into object oriented programming
  • Your first own Python app
  • A good base to continue on your own or in one of our classes

Your Teacher

Falco Winkler - student of computer science and software developer at esailors IT Solutions. Falco started programming during university and is excited to share his passion with you.

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