4 x 2 h Mondays


max. 13 Students

Beginner Level Class

The Beginning

You want to get an easy entry into programming languages? This is your start. Python is an easy to learn general purpose programming languages that is also useful if you want to handle big data or work with machine learning later.

What you will learn

Without any previous knowledge you will quickly get from your first code part “Hello World” to more complex logics. We will show you the most important basics for programming with Python.

The course content includes:

  • Variables and simple data types
  • More complex data types, like lists and dictionaries
  • Control structures, like conditions & loops
  • Writing functions
  • Use of libraries

What you will get

In our courses, we combine theory with interactive training. Extensive exercises are therefore part of the course. You will thus develop an understanding of how programming languages work. This is a good basis to to continue on your own or to attend our advanced course.

Your Teacher

I’m Demet Sude Saplik, and I have completed my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Computer Science. Currently, I work as a Data Engineer in Beiersdorf’s Data Science Hub team. During my Bachelor’s studies, I developed a fascination for Big Data topics, which further deepened during my Master’s program, where I focused on this subject for my thesis. My role involves close collaboration with Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers, allowing me to contribute my skills and creativity in extracting value from vast amounts of data. Outside of work, I find joy in exploring photography and art, as they resonate with my visual sensibilities.

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