moinworld wins the Digital Equality Award of the City of Hamburg - the IDEA Promotion Award 2019

November 3, 2019

Gender Equality 2.0

For the first time this year, the Senate of the City of Hamburg has awarded the Innovation in Digital Equality Award for equal opportunities and the visibility of women. Two women won the prize and 25,000€ prize money: Anja Schumann, founder of moinworld e.V., was one of them.

The award was given by Katharina Fegebank on 18 October 2019. She also explained what is hidden behind the award: “With the IDEA Award we honor innovative concepts and outstanding achievements for equality in the digital space. At the same time, the prizewinners’ great work makes it clear that women and digital technologies belong together. This is an important signal for all women to make active use of the opportunities created by digitalization and to work towards equal opportunities. I congratulate this year’s award winners and wish them continued success in implementing their exciting projects”.

The aim of the award is to support the equality of women in the digital world and to make positive examples visible. Startups, individuals, clubs and companies could apply for the award. An independent jury of experts selected the prizewinners from 18 submissions for the promotional prize and seven for the honorary prize.

Anja was convincing with her concept on the subject of unconscious bias. As many studies have shown: “Data trends and qualitative analysis indicate that gender inequality in the digital sphere is essentially a result of the persistence of strong unconscious biases about what is appropriate and what capacities each gender has, as well as about the technologies themselves which requires a fundamental cultural change.”(Study Women in the Digital Age European Commission, 2018)

During the next Summer Camp of moinworld, an app on Unconscious Bias Busting will be developed with the participants, which will enable them to deal with their own unconscious ways of thinking and will also give them a tool to challenge their environment.

We would also like to congratulate the other winner: Claudia von Allwörden. She wants to use the prize money to develop an app that promotes investment in projects, companies and start-ups run by women. The aim is to network women with potential investors and thus provide targeted support in setting up companies. We also congratulate Dr. Diana Knodel, who has won the honorary prize.

If you are interested in the Summer Camp you will find more information here..