moinblockchain 2019 October 18th - meet Christian Schultze-Wolters

September 29, 2019

Clear the way for a more female IT: our third conference on the blockchain technology “#moinblockchain” by moinworld in Hamburg

Moinblockchain’19- Our speakers introduce themselves

At this year’s moinblockchain conference on October 18th, many inspiring speakers will be present. We already asked them in advance where they got their enthusiasm for Blockchain from and why the topic has a lot of potential for the future. This time with Christian Schultze-Wolters from IBM.

Today we introduce you to Christian. Christian is director of Blockchain Solutions DACH at IBM. He has more than 25 years of sales experience at IBM and leads various sales teams in a national and international environment. After his responsibility for the Travel & Transportation industry in Germany, he took over the management of the IBM Blockchain business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for drive solutions and individual projects in all industries. At the conference he will give a lecture on “Blockchain - from Hype to Mainstream - with or without you !?”.

Dear Christian, how are you involved in Blockchain?

I am responsible for the Blockchain Business of IBM in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - for all relevant topics & solutions and across all industries.

What do you love about Blockchain?

… That we (on the basis of Hyperledger Fabric) solve a variety of business challenges of numerous companies with a (relatively) new technology, generate real added value for companies, industries and entire eco-systems and furthermore can also address social problems (see “Plastic Bank”).

How did you get to the subject?

At IBM, I was responsible for our business in the transport / logistics sector for several years. As a larger part of our activities in the blockchain environment revolves around the supply chain (see e.g. TradeLens and also IBM Food Trust ), this change was obvious about a year ago.

Why do you think Blockchain is important for the future?

From “Hype to Mainstream”. I am convinced that over time Blockchain ( technology ) will establish itself in all areas of our lives - just like the Internet 20+ years ago. This applies to our professional as well as our private environment. We as citizens/consumers won’t know that Blockchain is the basic technology ( we don’t need to… ), but we will use it, e.g. in the digital citizen service of the city we live in, via QR codes on our groceries in the supermarket, which ensures the traceability of groceries and through much faster & ( almost ) free money transfers abroad.

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