moinblockchain 2019 am 18. Oktober 2019

May 21, 2019

Clearing a path for women in tech: Third conference on blockchain technology “#moinblockchain” by moinworld in Hamburg


The mission from moinworld: a more inclusive tech scene

Moinworld’s mission is to make the tech world more inclusive and to demystify topics like blockchain while connecting the audience to globally known experts.

October 18th it is time again to find community and connection with other women and men interested in blockchain. The event will again feature talks and panel discussions with notable international speakers, as well as professionally hosted development sessions. The atmosphere at the event will also this year clearly reflect not only the host’s but also the participants’ eagerness to help women advance in their careers. “We are hiring and we would like to attract more women” was addressed in many of the talks during the two days last year.

The moinblockchain Team 2019


Our moinworld- team is growing! Nadine, Lou and Jennifer are our new helping hands for the conference preparation. Nadine and Jennifer have expertise in event-management while Lou just finished her Masters of industrial engineering with focus on information technologies and blockchain. As she is a pilot in her free time is especially interested in Blockchain in aerospace.

Our speaker-committee is coming from different parts of the world: Germany, Denmark and Israel. They will make sure that you can again expect interesting talks, panel discussions and master classes.

Niels is researcher in Blockchain in Supply Chain and Logistics at the technical university of Hamburg. Besides beeing a manager of developer relations at Google Franziska is a Blockchain editor and writer in her free time and previous life. Andre is currently writing his phd thesis on decentralized autonomous organisations bases on Blockchain Technology. Julia is Cofounder of the CryptoChicks Community in Copenhagen and is currently writing her masters thesis on Blockchain based systems in the non-profit sector. Dafi was a speaker at our last conference and is now our connection to the Blockchain Scene in Israel. The Software Engineer and musician is also managing the Women in Bitcoin Community Israel in her freetime.


From basic principles to use cases

On october 18th it is time again to get informed about the current state of the Blockchain technology. Talks will stretch from introducing basic principles over startup presentations to potential future and current use cases of the blockchain technology, for example in supply chain management or on e-government and digital identity.

Why you should spend your time on this technology: a few opinions from our experts

Niels Hackius

“The idea of a realiable worldwide cross company tracking and tracing of goods and products is so fascinating. It has to be one of the ancient ideas in supply chain management and logistics - and now with Blockchain we might be able to do just that.”

Julia Larsen

“Through my work and research with blockchain I know of the large benefits but also the devastating risks using the technology brings, and it is therefore crucial that as many people as possible are on board to discuss its future. It’s a highly interdisciplinary field because it has the potential to affect so many different aspects of our private and civil lives.”

Franziska Hauck

“Blockchain is a technology which enables everyone to take matters into their own hands - financially and otherwise. Knowing what it can do empowers.”

Dafi Sinai

“Blockchain is fascinating because it uses human behaviour and game theory to solve a technological problem: how to transfer value or information in a distributed network.”

More Infos and tickets to the moinblockchain conference

You can access here


Talk of Simone Vermeend at our first conference in August 2017:

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or the link to a book Blockchain for Dummies.