Meet our mentors - Brintha

September 16, 2020

“Everyone is different and does not follow a set path, certainly not in technology!”

Who are you? What do we need to know about you?

I am Brintha Koether, a tech executive with over 20 years of international experience.

Why did you join our program? What makes it special?

To give back. We need more women in technology and I want to help those early in their careers get the support to explore the options for a career, not a job. Moinworld makes it special by making it local and supporting the spectrum of technology.

What are the challenges of being a mentor?

To find the best way how you can help and encourage. Everyone is different and does not follow a set path, certainly not in technology!

What do you love most about being a mentor?

I love learning about the opportunities and challenges that young women see now. It is a great perspective that helps me reflect on my own journey.

What connects you two (mentor and mentee)?

Openness to the world and new ideas. And, figuring out how to balance personal and professional life and interests.


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We will also have a Meetup celebrating the ending of our first mentors and mentees batch in September. Everybody is welcome to join and listen to some of the success stories. Just follow our events!

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