moinworld eV in Times of Corona

April 17, 2020

Due to the current situation, there have also been changes to our work. Also, Annika, Philine and Katha have just become part of the now virtual team. Read here about the possibilities to meet us despite physical distancing – may it be at one of the next online programming courses, at the Meetup with NEW WORK SE about Remote Work, at our book club about Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez or Inferior by Angela Saini or at our preparation course for the Federal Computer Science Competition.

Our programming classes now take place online - learn Python or Web Development starting next week!

Programming classes online - next week we start a course that introduces you to web development, you will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so that you will be able to implement your first own web projects afterwards. If you only want to learn HTML & CSS first, a course on that starts next week as well. Another course starting next week is our popular Python beginner course, there are still places available!

Virtual networking and exchange on current topics

Our after-work networking events are now also taking place online. As always, you will have the opportunity to meet our partner companies at these events. On April 27th this will be NEW WORK SE. Together with two experts and Agile Project Managers we will discuss how remote work can function optimally for a team.

A new event format: Our Book Club in times of Corona

Additionally, we came up with a new event format: Most of us are at home right now and we thought it would be a good time to finally read the books we always wanted to read and to do this together. First, we would like to read the books Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez and Inferior by Angela Saini and share and discuss the contents with you. We will have a Book Club Online Meetup every week. Best of all, Angela Saini has already agreed to join us as a guest and talk about how she came to write such a book. What we like most about these books is the way in which they deconstruct socially internalized attitudes about gender in a highly scientific and fast-based manner.

Angela Saini – Inferior: How science got women wrong

With Inferior, Angela Saini sets out to explore bias in science and research. Amongst other things, she explores the questions of whether young boys really prefer to play with cars rather than dolls, whether the structure of the female brain is different from that of the male brain, and whether it is inevitable that society is structured in a patriarchal way.

Caroline Criado Perez – Invisible Women: How a world ruled by data ignores half the population

In In Invisible Women, activist and writer Caroline Criado Perez also focuses on gender-specific data and studies. Although it is described as a book about data bias, it is rather a book about data and facts about existing biases: a catalogue of facts and figures documenting the persistent gender inequalities in society. So be there when we present the first part (Daily Life) of the book Invisible Women on 24 April! We are looking forward to discussing it with you. Anyone who has read the book or is interested in it can join!

Online training for all schoolgirls for the German National Computer Science Competition (Bundeswettbewerb Informatik)

We also have a new offer for the younger ones: We offer a free online training which prepares you for the German National Computer Science Competition and enables you to meet like-minded people virtually. It starts on April 30th!