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November 21, 2019

Moinworld is supported by people who volunteer for us. Despite the voluntary help, there are of course costs: For example, the rent for the office has to be paid, we have to finance our educational events and our public relations work also costs money. Our donors help us to make all this possible. If you also want to help us to encourage girls and women to get involved in the IT-world, support us with your donation!

moinworld e.V.

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What is a donation?

A donation is a voluntary expense for which no return is expected. It is intended to support, promote and help a cause or person.

What are you donating for at moinworld?

Moinworld is dedicated to giving girls and women the same opportunities as men to shape our digital future. For this concept, we won the Digital Equality Award (IDEA Prize) of the City of Hamburg in 2019 and the first prize of the IT Executive Club Hamburg - the IT Executive Club Cares Award. We are approaching this goal by making women visible, networking them in the industry and organizing educational events. At the same time, we also address unconscious biases related to the current imbalance.

Is every donation tax-deductible?

Clear answer: No. Private individuals can only deduct tax from special expenses by making donations to charitable organizations. If, for example, you give money to a friend for organizing an event, you obviously cannot deduct the amount from your tax. For donations to be deductible, the money must be donated to a tax-privileged organization. This includes universities, churches and non-profit associations. A non-profit association like moinworld.

What tax advantage do I get from a donation? Will the tax office reimburse me the full amount of the donation?

We all know: My tax burden depends on my income. The more I earn, the more taxes I pay on my income. A donation reduces your taxable income. The higher the personal tax burden, the greater the tax advantage. If you earn more, you get more from donations. The tax savings through donations depends on the respective personal marginal tax burden. The so-called marginal tax rate increases with the income from the basic tax-free allowance of 14% to a maximum of 42%.

How much money can I donate and still deduct?

That depends on how much money you earn. You can deduct up to 20% of your annual income as a donation. If you exceed this 20 percent limit, you can simply carry the exceeded amount forward to the next year and thus reduce the taxes of the following year.

Do I always need a donation receipt for the tax office?

No. Quite a surprising fact when we think of all the bureaucracy. You only need a donation receipt for amounts of 200€ or more. For donations up to 200€ a simplified proof is sufficient, e.g. a bank statement or a printout in online banking.

Do I have to attach the donation receipt to my tax return?

No, it is enough if you simply enter the donated amount under special expenses. Nevertheless, you should keep the donation receipt or a bank statement for at least 1 year, as the tax office can ask for proof of your donation at any time.

You can support us either directly by bank transfer:

moinworld e.V.

IBAN: DE08 4401 0046 0339 2174 67



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