Women Techmakers at NEW WORK SE

October 19, 2019

Meetup Agile Talks @ NEW WORK SE on 15th of October 2019

The topic agility of our Meetup at NEW WORK SE, formerly XING SE aroused special interest: More than 150 participants had signed up and the event room was full to capacity when our four invited experts gave short lightning talks on agile methods and the group then split up into Agile Corner Talks.

Product Owner Anastasiia Kutishchieva from SHARE NOW started with her lecture on “Agile Decision Making”. The fact that innovative, well thought-out decisions have to be made very quickly was illustrated by the example that a company has to react quickly to a price change of an important competitor.

Afterwards the Agile Coach and Scrum Master Katja Kuseler from 24Technology talked about “shared responsibility”. With the help of a model in which you go through many mental phases, she shows us how a sense of responsibility comes about in our heads.

Next, Agile Coach Antonela Mestrovic from MOIA came on stage with her talk about the “contagious power of courage”. With the words “Agility doesn’t work without courage” she motivated the audience to try things out, cross boundaries and take risks instead of maintaining security.

Our last speaker Johannes Zirm, who works as Agile Project Manager at NEW WORK SE, took up the topic of communication with his lecture on “Collateral Beauty of Agile Ceremonies”. He emphasized that while communication is beautiful, it is also very tricky, hard and challenging, and we humans are not very good at it. All the more valuable are good conversations, because they let us grow and bring us forward. “Agile ceremonies let the right people talk about the right things at the right time”, but Johannes Zirm goes further and says that they even make us better people. We begin to question things and create an environment in which people can learn more easily. Since communication consists not only of speaking, but also half of listening and understanding, he gives us the following quote on the way: “You have one mouth, but two ears, so listen twice as much as you speak”.

After the lectures, the participants had the opportunity to talk to each other, but also to the agile experts. There was an open discussion, problems of agile methods were solved and experiences were exchanged.

If you want to be part of one of our next Meetups in Hamburg or Munich, check here for new dates!