moinworld Team - Joyce

November 2, 2018

Hey everybody, I’m Joyce Marlen Paquo. As a former student of Gender Studies and Pedagogy, I am studying for a Master’s degree in the fields of personnel and management development, career orientation and political consulting. In addition to research, I work in the field of education. And as it is, whether in my studies or at work, the nebulous word “digitization” is used all over the place. Looking for a voluntary internship, I stumbled across moinworld at the end of 2017 - the perfect combination of my interests (gender & education) and curiosities (IT & startup).

During my studies I have repeatedly dealt with the labour market segregation of men and women and how these bilateral inequalities and injustices can be counteracted. At the pulse of time, moinworld addresses the field of IT and sets the course for diversity and equality in the world of work. Courage for exchange, desire to learn new things and inspiration by a supportive community is what I experience at moinworld and see as fundamental for an open, emancipated society of the 21st century. I have been active in the organisation since February and have started the moinschool project to introduce young girls to the topic. In the months that followed, a top team was put together and we developed a concept that we put in practice (also thanks to the sponsors!) in September at the first Hamburg school. In addition to a three-month programming group for girls, the curriculum includes visits from developers, excursions and an Unconscious Bias Workshop. At the end we will develop a plan together with the students to continue the course and train them as trainers. We are eager to see which schools and which cities 2019 will take us to and look forward to your suggestions, questions and support!

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