4 x 2 h Mondays


max. 9 Students

Pre knowledge in Python is necessary

The Beginning

Boolean, strings, variables tell you what? You can just create functions? You know when to use a “while” and when to use a “for” loop?

You can solve this problem?

Suppose you own a ship with three levels as garage space. First floor, go the light containers. Second floor, the medium weight containers. Third floor, the heavy ones. Each container has an ID from 1 to 100. You pick one randomly Containers with ID from 1 to 30 are considered light. Containers with ID from 31 to 70 medium light The rest is heavy weight. After picking one container only, and that randomly, print to the console the ID of the container and in which floor it is destined to end up.

What you will learn

The course covers more advanced topics. These include:

  • Advanced Functional Algorithms. Solving problems with Python.

  • Applying functionality faster by using lambda functions.

  • Introduction to object-oriented programming in Python and classes.

  • Importing and using other Python modules such as date and time modules.

  • Very short introduction to more advanced Python modules (basic data analysis and visualization).

What you get

  • Interactive training in Python at advanced level

  • An online course where you can meet like-minded people

  • A good basis to continue alone or in one of our courses

Your teacher

Falco Winkler is software developer at ThoughtWorks. Falco started programming during university and is excited to share his passion with you.

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