4 * 2h


max. 13 Students

Beginner Level Class

The Beginning

You want to enter the field of frontend development? You would like to know how your favourite website is built? You want to know how its elements are working? Did you think, I wish I could create something like this by myself? Frontend Developers are using HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build websites. HTML is the markup language that we use to structure and give meaning to our web content, for example defining paragraphs, headings, and data tables, or embedding images and videos in the page. CSS is a language of style rules that we use to apply styling to our HTML content, for example setting background colors and fonts, and laying out our content in multiple columns.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to CSS + HTML
  • Introduction to Developer Tools
  • Introduction to Responsive Design
  • Interactives Training HTML + CSS
  • Publish your own website (extra costs if you want your own domain name)

What you will get

  • a simple portfolio website that is accessable on the internet
  • a good understanding how websites are develeoped
  • a good base to continue on your own

Your Teacher

Katharina Schreiber. Read more about Katharina in our blog:

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