Woman in Tech Interview: Mamta Vuppu

March 11, 2019

Hi Mamta, could you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Mamta Vuppu originally from India settled in Germany. I have been working in the IT industry for over a decade, and I currently work as an information security consultant in Hamburg.

As an information security consultant my day to day work involves analysing client’s IT environment for any risks or security gaps and implementing solutions based on the industry standards using state of the art technology.

Although I worked in various domains of IT, security is my absolute favorite. One of the reasons is that the role of information security is only becoming crucial as the world becomes increasingly digital. For instance, in the globally connected world, an attack using one system in a small company through a vulnerable application could impact tens of thousands of individuals across continents. But, there are not enough security professionals in the world to meet the rising demand. Therefore, I’m glad to part of the field and contribute to reducing the shortage. Needless to say, like in most areas of IT, the ratio in the security field is also skewed towards men, and that’s another key reason why I’m happy to be part of field.

Here’s to all the present and future women in IT!

Here’s to all the Women Techmakers! May we know them May we be them May we raise them (I borrowed it, but applies here too)

Can you recommend resources if people want to dive deaper into information security?

There are different fields within the security field and to learn about security it is a good idea to find your area of interest. Some examples are of security fields include network security, application security, mobile security, ethical hacking, cryptography, etc.

Start by reading security-related articles to increase awareness and to familiarise with the terminologies.

Some good sites include:

Infosec Institute Resources, Dark Reading, InfoSecurity Magazine and SCMagazine

Attend meetups and conferences to build a network: OWASP Hamburg Stammtisch

Here’s a link to an article on security books for beginners: Top 10 books for beginner learning cybersecurity

See you at one of the next moinworld Meetups!