Dr. Natalie Tillack

at moinblockchain 19

About Natalie

Dr. Natalie Tillack is managing director and founder of DenkFabrik.io, a Berlin-based consulting firm that deals with the development of market entry strategies for blockchain in industry, business and education.

DenkFabrik develops application cases and investment theses for classical (non-blockchain) companies, investors and universities as well as for selected blockchain companies.

Natalie holds a PhD in Computer Aided Physics and a PhD in 2016 from Oxford University. She then worked as an associate at McKinsey & Company, driving digital projects and leading pro bono consulting projects for the German start-up ecosystem.

About Natalie’s Talk

Best practices in executing large-scale blockchain implementations:

The Blockchain technology has brilliantly displayed the highs and lows of the Gartner Hype Cycles. Too high expectations and pilots who didn’t get anywhere led to the so-called crypto winter - the disillusionment. After big and small success messages in the blockchain sector and increasing professionalization of the industry, it becomes obvious that blockchain is a powerful technology - yet not a panacea. This makes the question all the more important for companies, investors and regulators: How do I react? Successes and failures of blockchain projects - both large-scale implementations in companies and bottom-up projects from the start-up sector - reveal best practices. Obstacles are often not only in the technological solution, but can be identified and avoided along the entire value chain: From strategy to change management to external adoption. Together we will highlight examples, derive frameworks from them and share the first recipes for success in this young industry

Diversity meets tech innovation

October 18th, 2019 || Hamburg City Center

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