Georgia Rakusen

Design Research Lead at ConsenSys

As a user researcher she is supporting the design and build of decentralized systems and applications for web 3.0

About Georgia

Georgia Rakusen is Design Research Lead at ConsenSys, supporting the design and build of decentralised systems and applications for web 3.0.

As a user researcher who has worked both in-house and agency side (at Europe’s leading usability testing company), she has interviewed more than 1000 individual research participants for organisations and businesses including the UK Government, Cisco, Sky, Marks & Spencer, and Financial Times.

A crypto early-adopter, and an idealist, she spends her time evangelising for designers and engineers working in blockchain to get out of their bubbles and discover the real needs of end users. She currently trains designers in their own research practices.

About Georgia’s Talk

User Experience challenges in blockchain - the rocky path to adoption, and how to navigate it

In this provocative talk aimed at people building and designing on the blockchain, Georgia will discuss the biggest blocker to adoption right now; user experience. She will outline some of the psychological, behavioural and technological constraints that affect both product teams and end users, and demonstrate (through examples) methods for designing products that are genuinely useful and usable. You’ll leave with some practical tips, and hopefully a fresh perspective on your own attitude to building for people.

Diversity meets tech innovation

October 18th, 2019 || Hamburg City Center

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