Citlali Mora Catlett

Course Instructor at B9lab

Non-technical blockchain education, business development, market research

About Citlali

Citlali Mora Catlett works in strategy and business development and is a course instructor at B9lab. After studying political science, economy and business administration at the LMU Munich, she discovered her passion of blockchain technology through her work at B9lab. As a result, she has expanded B9lab’s non-technical course offerings and has engaged in promoting the knowledge and critical analysis of blockchain implementations.

About Citlali’s Talk

What can you use smart contracts for? Why do smart contracts work the way they do? In what languages can you write them? What are challenges in smart contract development?

Let’s talk about smart contract development -minimalism in scope and complexity, languages, concepts and understandings, functions and requirements- and perform a smart contract analysis with a code comparison. This workshop is accessible for developers and attendees with a non-technical background.

Diversity meets tech innovation

October 18th, 2019 || Hamburg City Center

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