Chiara Bachmann

Founder at Fräulein Finance

Money & finance coach

About Chiara

Money & finance coach passionate about supporting women managing their money and finances independently

About Chiara’s Talks

Women & Finance: Crypto Trading? Lay the foundation for your very first investment!

Finances – a very important but still scary topic. Let’s talk about the three most essential steps, which must be done before building your investment strategy. Learn more about your money mindset, how to manage your money and what’s necessary when it comes to financial protection. You are very welcome to join us – because everybody wants to set up their investments on a rock solid basis, right?

Money Mindset for Founders

When it comes to money things negative thoughts run through your head immediately? It doesn’t have to be that hard – and definitely not as (prospective) founder. Let’s talk about how to set up your mindset for success, so that nothing gets in your way to start as a thriving founder or self-employed person.“

Diversity meets tech innovation

October 18th, 2019 || Hamburg City Center

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