SQL & Relational Datenbase Basics

4 x 2 h Wednesdays


max. 9 Students

Beginner Level Class

The Beginning

The abbreviation SQL stands for “Structured Query Language” and is a database language for querying and manipulating data. SQL is the common standard for relational databases. The course offers beginners the possibility to create simple to complex SQL queries. You have a lot of data in the vicinity of your workplace and finally want to get away from cumbersome Excel tables and functions? Then here is your perfect introduction to SQL.

What you will learn

After the course you will be able to execute light to difficult SQL queries and have a basic understanding of databases.

We do a lot of exercises so that you can put the theory into practice right away! There are two databases to choose from: Chinook sample database from SQLite (music store) or Google Analytics sample data. Depending on the group of participants, we can also search a suitable sample database during the course, or participants may have access to company databases and want to work with this data.

What you will get

  • An introduction to databases and SQLStatements
  • SQL Aggregations and Functions
  • Relational databases & SQL JOINS
  • Repetition & Excursus (like in NoSQL databases)
  • Many practical exercises

Your Teacher

Your teacher is Josefine. She is Data Scientist at the Otto Group. “I am currently working as a Data Scientist at the Otto Group. Previously I studied Advanced Analytics at NOVA IMS in Lisbon (Master’s degree). During my bachelor studies I studied computer science in a dual study program. During this time I was able to supplement the theory I had learned at university with practical experience at IBM in Germany and Great Britain”.

She will be very happy to be your trainer for this course and to share her knowledge with you!

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